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    公司所生產的低壓成套電氣開關設備通過了國家CCC強制性認證,并取得了CCC認證證書,通過GB/T9001-2016質量管理體系認證證書。產品名稱 :高壓中置柜、抽出式開關柜 、組合式變電站、固體絕緣環網柜、戶外綜合配電箱 、綜合配電箱等設備、我們將以超前的意識、卓越的質量、齊全的產品、完美的服務。

    Yangzhou Enze Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of marine electrical automation or high and low voltage electrical equipment. It is located at No.1, Scientific Research 5th Road, Yizheng Economic Development Zone, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient.
    With complete product range and advanced technology, on the basis of independent research and development, it has established close cooperative relations with domestic electric companies and research institutes to design and manufacture marine power distribution boards, consoles, monitoring stations and other power distribution and control. equipment.
    The company's products are widely used in various specifications of ships, bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers, deck cargo ships, engineering ships, dumping sand boats, tugs, fishing boats, etc., and meet CCS, ZC, ZY, ABS, BV, DNV , GL, and other classification society requirements.
    The low-voltage complete electrical switchgear produced by the company has passed the national CCC compulsory certification, and has obtained the CCC certification and passed the GB/T9001-2016 quality management system certification. Product Name: High-voltage central cabinet, withdrawable switchgear, combined substation, solid insulated ring network cabinet, outdoor integrated distribution box, integrated distribution box and other equipment, we will be ahead of the sense, excellent quality, complete products Perfect service.
    We always strive to meet customer expectations, product technology innovation, management innovation, service innovation principles to provide customers with quality products.
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